Information & Application

Venture Capital & High tech

Lennart Ohlsson has acquired practical and analytical competence in high technology industries and venture capital since he first came to Stanford Universtity in 1969-70. His practical experiences includediscussions over several decades in Silicon Valley, consultancy for start-ups and founders and consultancy for large high tech-companies on venture strategies, negotiations, valuations, incentives and a number of years as chairman, founder and board member of three business angel companies.

He has published several books on relevant subjects and has recently finished the book "Best Practice Venture Capital". He has since 1999 taught courses and given talks on the book subjects for various audiences.

Options, incentives and ethics
Lennart Ohlsson began to analyse incentives in his works on venture capital and R&D. He proposed a number of schemes to encourage inventions and innovations in ventures and enterprises in the books "Creative Sweden" as well as "Best Practice Venture Capital".

R&D, knowledge and competence
Lennart Ohlssons first major publication regarding the importance of R&D was a jointly authored study in 1987. After having analysed patterns of industrial specialisation in 1976 and 1980, R&D policy and R&D strategy were analysed in books published in 1992, 1993, 1997 and 2006.