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Advanced BPVC course (four, five modules):

1. First mover strategies for generic, technology-weak ventures.
Strategy analysis at start-up with horison beyond market entry. Illustration with internet ventures. Entry barriers for competitors, their erosion properties and timing of market entry. Strategic path properties when technology barriers are weak but market barriers potentially stronger. Speed, scope and lead-laganalysis. Introduction of procuct variants. Cannibalisation risks. Advantages/disadvantages of being first.

2. First mover strategies for ventures with several technology leaps.
Strategy analysis at start-up with horison beyond market entry. Technology-strong, one-core, one leap venture with one product application. Example complex components. Core technology properties. Properties of technological leaps and their effects on the core technology. High strategic speed or stronger mover position? When to introduce a second breakthrough product. Cannibalisation risks.

3. First mover strategies for multitechnology ventures.
Strategy analysis at start-up with horison beyond market entry. Several technology cores, i e complex technologies. Example investment goods, business software platforms. Coherent vs diverse cores. One or more technology leaps. Converging vs diverging cores. Choice of strategic content and mover positions.

4. First mover strategies at market entry with horison beyond IPO.
Improved predictability and controllability. From first mover strategy towards market leader strategy. Implications on strategic platform building. Choice of market and/or technology based platforms. Expansion vs Innovation strategies. Strategic speed, scope, direction, lead and content at market entry and IPO.

5. Optional: Case study (-ies)
is offered either as part of a follow-up of a course or as consultancy service.

Enterprise Supplement Module (optional):
Investing in ventures core, core support and non-core ventures vs incremental project investments. Organisational choices. Capital and time saving incentives. Expansion vs innovation strategies. When to use joint ventures and how to distinguish between strategic and financial partners.





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